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Service Lane Sales Solution

The Your Plan program offers a Basic stated component, Platinum II exclusionary level of coverage, and
Appearance Protection Products by EcoProProducts to any Customer that qualifies for coverage.

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Service Lane Sales for the 21st Century

Features & Benefits

  • Available plans:
      • Basic covers: engine and water pump, transmission, transfer case, drive
        axle, and taxes and fluids.
      • Platinum II covers: the necessary costs of repairs for breakdowns, except for items and terms listed under Exclusions – What is Not Covered. Included in the coverage is the replacement of covered components, resulting from the gradual reduction in performance due to normal wear and use, when the wear exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications.
    • Service Lane Solution available.
    • Roadside assistance is included.
    • Deductible: $100.

Now Available to Market on the Your Plan App

  • AGWS now offers a Service Lane Sales Solution, providing opportunities for dealerships to offer Appearance Protection Products by EcoProProducts to any Customer that qualifies for coverage.
      • –  MicrobeRepel™ is an eco-friendly disinfectant solution for the interior of the vehicle offering protection against stains, microbes and germs, odors, minor tears, and UV rays.
        – ExteriorShield™ is an eco-friendly solution that is specifically designed to protect exterior painted surfaces from damage caused by common environmental and impact hazards.

Service Lane Sales for the 21st Century

AGWS offers a Service Lane Sales Solution, providing opportunities for dealerships
to offer service contracts to any Customer that qualifies for coverage.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy-to-use app for service personnel on Android or iOS.
  • Scan the VIN, enter the mileage, and click to get quotes in less than 10 seconds.
  • An enhanced basic coverage with only 2 terms for Customers who do not have any coverage on their vehicles and only one will be selected based on Customer’s answers.
  • An exclusionary coverage with only two terms for Customers with vehicles up to 7 years and 80,000 miles.
  • 0% financing with low down payment and no credit check.
  • Everything is completed on the device and the activated service contract is sent directly to the Customer’s email.
  • Quotes can be sent directly to your Customer to review, approve or purchase.
  • Customers can sign, pay, and receive contracts right on their phone or tablet.
  • Automatic follow-up on behalf of the dealership by email or phone.
  • Monthly dealership reports showing progress.

Additional Features & Benefits

  • We handle all processing and payment of the service contract.
  • We handle all cancellations.
  • The Office Manager only needs to input the profits from the weekly report and pays the designated person who gets credit for the sale.
  • F&I can now refer Customers who could not get service contracts back to the Service Department.
  • Can be sold in any Service Department, regardless of what is sold in F&I.
  • Ability to make vendors of the dealership salespeople for this program.
  • Laminated coverage guides with instructions on the back to use the program.

For more information, contact Jim Fisher, Assistant Vice President of Dealer Programs at 800.579.2233, ext. 4292.


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