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Navigator with Aftertreatment Coverage

The Compass Heavy Duty Truck Navigator with Aftertreatment service
contract includes coverage for heavy duty trucks and buses.

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Features & Benefits

  • Engine Only Coverage includes: pistons, piston rings, wrist pins, crankshaft, rod & main bearings, camshaft & cam bearings, cam followers, timing chain & timing gears, timing chain tensioners, rocker arms, intake & exhaust valves, valve guides, valve springs & valve retainers, pushrods, lifters, turbocharger rotor/turbine & housing, water pump, fuel injectors, and taxes & fluids.
  • Engine and Transmission Coverage includes: engine, plus torque converter, oil pump, valve body, governor, bands, drums, planetaries, sun gear, sprags, shafts, bearings and related bushings, shift rail, forks, and synchronizers.
  • Engine, Transmission, and Drive Axle Coverage includes: engine and transmission coverage, plus output shaft, bearings, bushings, gear sets, axle & bearings, carrier, ring & pinion gears, and axle shaft. Also available for diesel and gas trucks.
  • XLT Package includes: radiator, fan clutch, charged air cooler,
    air compressor, alternator, starter & solenoid, fuel tanks, engine
    oil pan, engine vibration damper, radio (AM/FM/CD), main cabin
    primary HVAC (excluding sleeper): A/C compressor & clutch,
    blower motor, temperature control head, and heater core.
  • Aftertreatment Assemblies includes: DPF (filter only), DPF doser
    injector and dosing module, EGR valves (valve component only),
    EGR cooler, DOC doser injector, SCR, DEF dosing module, DEF
    dosing injection nozzle and tank, DOC, O2 sensor, NOx sensor, and
    Aftertreatment control module (Aftertreatment ECM).
  • DPF/EGR: Failure of diesel particulate filter (DPF) or the EGR valve.


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