Motorcycle Theft Deterrent

Provides a unique and permanent identification code making recovery possible if your motorcycle is stolen.

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Motorcycle Theft Deterrent

Compass Powersports Motorcycle Theft Deterrent provides a unique and permanent identification code making recovery possible if your motorcycle is stolen. This I.D. is recognized by many insurance companies as a theft deterrent that meets their requirements for anti-theft system premium discounts.

  Features and Benefits

  • Cash benefit that may be applied to the purchase or lease of a replacement motorcycle, deductible coverage, or for
    other expenses*
  • Permanently affixed, unique identification code
  • May be eligible for insurance carrier anti-theft system premium discounts
  • Down payment assistance
  • Reimbursement of up to $1,000 in damages

          *You must maintain insurance coverage on the vehicle to
            be eligible for this Limited Warranty. This brochure is only
            a summary of benefits. Benefits vary by dealer, lender,
            and state. Please read the Limited Warranty for contract
            specific coverage, conditions, exclusions, and limitations.

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