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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Heavy Duty Trucks & Busses

Where Do I Take My Vehicle For Repairs?
If you purchased the service agreement from a Dealership with repair facilities, we recommend returning to them if possible, otherwise you may select a repair facility of your choice. Our Customer Service Agents are available to assist you in locating a repair facility.

How Do I Start A Claim?
Protect your vehicle from further damage. Locate a licensed repair facility of your choice. Give the repair facility your service agreement so that they can contact American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. The toll free number is 1-800-579-2233. Authorize the repair facility to diagnose the problem with the vehicle. The repair facility must obtain repair authorization from American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. prior to completing repairs.

How Will My Claim Get Paid?
Over 90% of claims are paid by Corporate Credit Card to the repair facility directly, though payment by check is available upon request. Prior to repairs being completed, please verify the repair facility will accept payment from American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. If the repair facility requires you to pay them for repairs and submit your own claim, the check payment process can take up to 30 days from receipt of acceptable claim documents.

Who Do I Call If My Truck or Bus Breaks Down On The Road?
Contact your Roadside Assistance provider listed on the front page and within your vehicle Service agreement. Have your vehicle taken to your selling Dealer for repairs. If that is not possible, contact the closest licensed repair facility to have your vehicle taken to and have them call 1-800-579-2233 for authorization before starting any repairs. Always consult your vehicle service Contract to confirm what specific coverage you have.

How Do I Transfer My Contract When I Sell My Vehicle?
To transfer your contract upon selling your vehicle, you must send the following to American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc.:

  • Copy of your original contract.
  • Copy of the State-issued vehicle title.
  • Letter stating the date and odometer reading at the time of sale.
  • New owner’s name, address, and phone numbers.
  • A check for the amount listed on your contract (transfer fee) made out to “American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc.”

Your complete transfer request must be received within 30 days of the sale of the vehicle.

Send the items listed above to:
American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. PO Box 768 Warrenville, IL 60555

How Do I Cancel My Contract?
To cancel your contract, please contact the Dealership where you purchased your agreement. The Dealership is responsible for processing your cancellation and issuing any refund, if eligible for one. If the Dealership is no longer in business, please contact our Customer Service Department 1-800-579-2233 ext. 4001 for a cancellation form.

How can I receive a quote for coverage on my vehicle?
American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. can refer you to a local Dealer in your area. You may also e-mail our customer service department at anytime with your questions or call at (800) 579-2233.


Headquartered just outside of Chicago, Illinois, AGWS is an innovative provider of administration services for Agents and Dealers offering vehicle protection products, limited warranties, and a variety of environmental and aftermarket products across the United States. Since its inception in 1998, the goals of AGWS are to offer superior claim processing, exceptional customer service, and unrivaled profitability options. Products are insured by “A” or “A-” (Excellent) rated carriers. AGWS is part of the American Guardian Group of Companies and enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.




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