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The AGWS Appearance Protection Solutions line is an all-encompassing array of protective vehicle care products featuring the ecologically friendly EcoProProducts, industry leader Armor All®, Aviation Grade Cilajet®, and Extreme Auto interior and exterior protection, along with a portfolio of other products that have been created for their outstanding protective properties to keep vehicles looking their best.

AGWS-administered Appearance Protection Solutions Products are professionally applied to exterior finishes, and interior leather, vinyl, and fabrics to disinfect and maintain appearance and value for many years. What better way to keep a vehicle looking its best inside and out?

Over time, every vehicle comes into contact with a variety of hazards that can harm its interior and exterior surfaces. Accidental stains, dents and dings, industrial fallout, and ultra-violet damage are all unavoidable and annoying to those who wish to maintain their vehicle’s factory-fresh look. Now, thanks to American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. and its premier line of Appearance Protection Products, drivers can protect their investments in a way that will ultimately preserve the vehicle’s overall market value.

EcoFlex packages include ExteriorShield™, MicrobeRepel™, Dent & Ding, Alloy Wheel Protection, and Certified Clean. WindShield+™ and Headlight Product Applications are added as a standalone product.

EcoRV packages include individual treatments of ExteriorShield, a solution that helps protect against environmental damages, MicrobeRepel, which provides resistance to microbes, stains, and odors, plus Certified Clean and resistance coverage on exterior retractable canopies and slide out sleeves. WindShield+ and Headlight Product Applications are available as add-ons.

EcoSport packages include ExteriorShield and MicrobeRepel interior and exterior treatments, plus upholstery coverage options that offer stain resistance to the seating area of the sport vehicle. WindShield+ and Headlight Product Applications can be added separately.

Protect Vehicle Appearance and Resale Value

The SmartShield® warranty program provides coverage not available from the manufacturer! All vehicles made today – from the most economical to the most luxurious – have one thing in common: the paint and interior are not protected against everyday things that can seriously affect a vehicle’s appearance and resale value.

A Brand You Know and Trust

For over 55 years, Armor All® has remained the most trusted and recognized appearance protection brand by making products that keep vehicles looking great.

Unique Exclusive Chemistries

The highlight of the SmartShield program is the amazing Armor All products that are applied to the vehicle. These products have been created to provide outstanding protective qualities. They are not available to the general public, and are only found and applied at select authorized New Car Dealers.

©2020 Energizer Auto. Armor All® is a trademark of Energizer Auto and is used under exclusive license by MT Companies, LLC.

Interior Protection

Cilajet® FAB is professionally applied to a vehicle’s carpet, mats, and fabric seats to protect them from accidental coffee spills, oil spots, muddy shoes, etc. It is non-hazardous, hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly.

Cilajet HIDE is a vinyl and leather conditioner that is applied to protect and enhance the beauty of the interior of a vehicle. The seats will benefit from the finest top tier leather and vinyl conditioner available. Cilajet HIDE is professionally installed at one of our authorized Dealers. It is non-hazardous, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, and has no smell.

Exterior Protection

Warranty Coverage You Won’t Get From A Vehicle Manufacturer!

Cilajet Ceramic’s unique formula utilizes the latest in Nano Ceramic technology to provide a durable, ultra-hard (9H) layer of protection over clear coat, paint, and metal. This formula was specifically engineered to feature enhanced cross-linking, which lasts significantly longer than traditional ceramic coatings. Cilajet Ceramic completely fills the surface pores, protecting paint and metal surfaces from environmental contaminants and damage.

Cilajet Ceramic makes new paint look “better than new,” and brings old, dull, and oxidized surfaces back to life. Your Customers’ vehicle remains like new against the environment, which increases retail value at time of sale, trade-in, or lease termination. Cilajet products are hypoallergenic and 0% VOCs.

Extreme Auto Protection Interior/Exterior Coverage

Reducing the frequency of washing, and eliminating the need for waxing and polishing, this professionally applied spray-on state-of-the-art resin and nano-polymer blend is a tough, ceramic finish that protects the exterior of the vehicle from acid rain, pollution, bird droppings, industrial fallout, UV, and other harm that can cause damage to the vehicle. As an added benefit, Fabric Guard with odor control contains an anti-bacterial ingredient that inhibits the growth and development of bacterial odors on interior surfaces.


Headquartered just outside of Chicago, Illinois, AGWS is an innovative provider of administration services for Agents and Dealers offering vehicle protection products, limited warranties, and a variety of environmental and aftermarket products across the United States. Since its inception in 1998, the goals of AGWS are to offer superior claim processing, exceptional customer service, and unrivaled profitability options. Products are insured by “A” or “A-” (Excellent) rated carriers. AGWS is part of the American Guardian Group of Companies and enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.




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